3 April 2016

Voice & Remote Meeting (VRM)

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The Voice & Remote Meeting (VRM) service provides parents with personalized 1-to-1 coaching. A 45-minute VOIP session guides parents along the discovery and planning phases directed at the concerns for their child. From this session, parents would gain new insights, perspectives, as well as the opportunity to set concrete goals and plot a course of action to achieve them. After the session, parents would be provided the strategies needed to put the plan into action and tools to track the progress of their child. Follow-up consultations would require prior updates from parents (see 2b). This feedback is necessary for fine-tuning of the customized goals and strategies by the Parent Coach.




VRM Service Flow

VRM_Flow1. Book Appointment: Consultation appointments are booked online. Check for availability under Services. Select a preferred date and time for the VRM consultation.

2a. Assess: New parents to the service would have to fill out the Intake Assessment form on the website after booking is made for the first session. This step is compulsory for a proper assessment.

2b. Update: Parents returning for the follow-up sessions are required to submit their updates through the Follow-up Consultation form immediately after booking.

3. Connect: Parents will connect with the Parent Coach via the Google Hangouts App. An invitation link will be emailed to parents 10 minutes before the start of the consultation session.

4. Personalized Coaching: During the session, parents will be able to speak with the Parent Coach and see the session documents live on their screens as the session progresses.

5. Structured Content: Shortly after the consultation, parents will be emailed all relevant documents & necessary tools for follow-up action with their children.

6. Action & Tracking: Parents will carry out the discussed action points and maintain a tracking record of the main issue concerned.

✈ Good to go: The consultation cycle would end when parents are satisfied with the progress made and/or when they feel confident enough to address their concerns with the newly acquired concepts and strategies.

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